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BHIRED’s blockchain based solution will address the core problems of Trust, Transparency, and Accountability in recruiting. We will return ownership of data, the true value in the ecosystem, to its owners with full control.

The BHIRED platform uses native token incentives and gamification to reward all the players on the platform.

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BHIRED is using blockchain as a technological disruptor for its recruiting platform solution to disintermediate the existing business models that generate revenue through the monetization and reselling of user data for profit.

BHIRED believes that user generated data should be the property of the users who generate it and that they should receive compensation should they be asked to share it.


BHIRED’s blockchain based ecosystem will incentivize and reward accurate and timely participation in the hiring process, reduce hiring times, and help the most qualified candidates and employers efficiently find each other.

The basic characteristics of the platform and its user groups will be:


build rich profiles , own their date and earn token when profiles are viewed


click on well qualified candidates with rich profile attributes

Service providers

provide screening, educational,referral services

Market place

an deep ecosystem of HR technology related potential vendors offering services ( Paychex, ADP,CIVIC,Uport,Sterling background-check, Verif-y)

Rating mechanism

an immutable blockchain record of ratings of candidates and employers

AI technology robot

help propose the perfect job opportunities for candidates and propose superstar candidates to employers


Q1 2020

AI/ML engines for Automation (once Bhired platform has enough data and need to develop AI capabilities)

Q4 2019

Integrating partners, 3rd party applications, Market players and vendors onto the platform

Sales teams hired

Q3 2019

Full suite application release (including DLT/Blockchain integration)

Marketing and Sales are launched

Q2 2019

Mobile apps for ios/Android

Q1 2019

Web Application Beta release in Prod (6 months)

Q4 2018

Start of public sale

Q3 2018

Private sale

Q2 2018

Release of the MVP


Issac Marks


is responsible for product development, channel partnerships, staffing, sales execution, and other operational matters.  For more than five years, Mr. Marks has been SVP of Sales for Ariston Tek, Inc., overseeing sales, operations, and recruiting teams for the company both local and abroad, with emphasis on increasing efficiency through technology and automation. Mr. Marks focuses on disruptive technologies such as blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, gamification, and HR tech.

Subramaniyam Seetha Raman


has for the past twelve years been the President of Ariston Tek, a software development and IT consulting company that provides professional services and superior talent to businesses in a wide variety of industries, including Telecom, Finance, Media, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare.  During this time he has overseen all aspects of Human Resources, with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Mahender Musuku


is a successful business strategist and administrator with 15 years of experience in software development, marketing, operations and management in hi-tech companies. He is on the board of several profit and non-profit organizations and is passionate about serving the community. He is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Monmouth University, NJ. He believes in using technology for the upliftment of society.

Francis Gregory


Frank is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company.  A former attorney specializing in labor and employment matters, Mr. Gregory has extensive experience in the legal issues facing employers and recruiters.



Williamis the President of RecruitingDaily. At the intersection of HR and technology, he’s a Writer, Speaker, Advisor, Consultant, Investor, Storyteller & Teacher. He’s been writing about HR related issues for over a decade. William serves on the Board of Advisors / Board of Directors for 20 HR technology startups. William is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BA in Art History. He also earned an MA in American Indian Studies from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

Michelle Furyaka-Perchuk


Michelle Furyaka-Perchuk is passionate about inspiring and helping people. She has been an executive for over 20 years in the technology recruiting industry. She is an expert in developing relationships and helping her clients find the talent they need. Throughout her career she has worked with many household names like New York Shock Exchange, Weight Watchers and Scholastic.

Mike Bishop


Mike Bishop is a lawyer by education who specializes in developing and marketing innovative financial products.

Since his graduation in 1996, he has worked as a director of regulatory affairs for an insurance company, a private wealth manager to hundreds of high net worth investors with incomes ranging from $1 million to $275 million, and has syndicated hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate investments. He has raised institutional venture capital for a real estate risk product and co developed a securitized bond offering. He currently sits on the board of advisors for a couple of successful ICOs.



20+ years of FinTech experience working in functions like
Account Management, forecasting, billing , invoicing , managing and building client relationships’s, Contract negotiations and contributing to business strategies. Managed technology and support teams across multiple global locations.

Deepika Cherivela

Full Stack Developer

Deepika has over 10 Years of experience in the business domains of Gaming, Fintech, Capital Markets. Majority of her professional experience is centered around building solutions for Capital Markets use cases, she has held technical leadership positions at Fintech companies as well as Investment banks.

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